Product Features of Foaming Equipment for PU Sandwich Panel Line

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2022-04-24/Keywords: PU Sandwich Panel Line

At present, the foam produced by the foaming machine of the polyurethane sandwich panel production line is a very good thermal insulation and energy-saving material, and its performance indicators are better than the traditional XPS and EPS external thermal insulation systems. This polyurethane equipment type exterior insulation system technology has attracted the attention of relevant leaders and experts from various states and cities across the country.

PU Sandwich Panel Line

Polyurethane sandwich panel production line foaming equipment is mainly used to produce polyurethane products, including high-pressure and low-pressure foaming agents and spraying machines for producing polyurethane foam, casting machines for producing polyurethane elastomer materials, and production methods. Infusion machines, shoe-making machines and production lines for the production of polyurethane filling materials, etc., polyurethane equipment is widely used in refrigerators, freezers, automobiles, shoemaking and polyurethane rubber industries.

PU Sandwich Panel Line

Polyurethane foam is an important polyurethane product. It has a wide range of applications and excellent performance. Soft foam and semi-rigid foam are mainly used for furniture upholstery and upholstery materials, car upholstery and carpet underlayment. Garment lining, construction sound-absorbing materials, sports mats, mattresses, instrument packaging. Among them, the main applications of molded flexible polyurethane foam are automobile seat cushions, motorcycle seat cushions and bicycle seat cushions. On the other hand, rigid polyurethane foams are mainly used as heat insulating materials in the refrigerator and refrigeration industries, and occupy rigid foams.

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