Features of PU sandwich panel production line equipment

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2022-04-24/Keywords: PU sandwich panel production line

PU sandwich panel line is used to realize a new panel production line for industrial production of exterior wall insulation panels. The production line adopts the roll pressing plate process, which can complete the whole plate making process of insulation layer, cloth decoration, main material, composite material and pressing in one time. The Exterior Wall Insulation Board Production Line is highly automated, easy to operate and runs smoothly. We can produce different specifications and different materials according to customer requirements (panel insulation can be expanded polystyrene board, rock wool board, glass wool), kapok cement board, etc.

PU sandwich panel production line

Features of polyurethane sandwich panel production line equipment:

  1. Less energy consumption in the manufacturing process, no need for high temperature and high pressure, no need for subsequent molding at room temperature, and no special requirements for the production site.
  2. The equipment has the advantages of high degree of automation, easy operation (workers can go to work after simple training), less labor, assembly line operation, no noise, no pollution, production and so on. There are no 3 wastes discharged during this process.
  3. There are many kinds of raw materials for polyurethane sandwich panel production line. As long as the external wall insulation board uses light burning powder, halogen sheet, water and fly ash, various insulation materials, chopped fiber, glass fiber cloth, etc., it can be processed and formed immediately, so the manufacturing process is simple and the cost is low. Low, less investment, quick results.
  4. Different requirements for families, different specifications (length, width, thickness).Different insulation boards of different materials to meet different consumer needs
  5. Good use effect: Absorbing many advantages of modern exterior wall insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, decoration, etc. at home and abroad, a prefabricated board, with environmental protection, rainproof, frostproof, weather resistance, shock resistance and light weight specialty. Reasonable structure, good connection, no cracks, simple structure, no seasonal restrictions.
  6. Wide range of uses: The exterior wall insulation board production line can not only be used for thermal insulation decoration of new buildings and thermal insulation and energy-saving renovation of existing buildings, but also for interior decoration, ceilings, etc.

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