Hydraulic uncoiler for PU sandwich panel production line

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2022-04-15/Keywords: PU sandwich panel production line

1) Each uncoiler drives the sprocket through the hydraulic motor, and drives the main knot through the sprocket, so that the steel coil rotates with the main shaft,

2) To achieve the purpose of active unwinding. The base and frame of the uncoiler are all welded by rectangular tubes, which fully guarantees the rigidity of the equipment.

3) Reel: four pieces of nesting (shoes), available in 508 and 610 sizes, when 508 steel coil is switched to 610 inner hole steel coil, four arc plates are added to the original uncoiler to automatically support Tight and constant tension control;

PU sandwich panel production line

4) Auxiliary support: In the production of polyurethane continuous line, it is necessary to minimize the butt joint of steel plates, so the load requirements of the uncoiler are relatively high. At the same time, in order to sag one end of the cantilever uncoiler main shaft to prevent the steel coil from deviating, the machine adopts the form of external auxiliary support to ensure Can withstand 10 tons of steel coil spindle will not deform.

The auxiliary support of the uncoiler adopts the fast hinge type, which is very convenient to operate, so as to achieve fast chasing of the head and tail of the plate to perform non-stop production. In order to quickly switch steel plates in the state of small coils, this machine adopts V-shaped block to assist clamping to reduce the stroke of the oil cylinder to perform rapid coil change to achieve non-stop production.

All the above measures ensure that the time for changing the coil can be completed within 45 seconds,

5) Transmission system: forward and reverse to realize the material receiving and unwinding, the unwinding mandrel is driven by the motor and the reducer to realize the automatic opening of the steel plate, and it can also be used for the recovery of the plate that has not been processed; when the material is actively opened, it can maintain and produce The speed is synchronized, and the unwinding speed is controlled by ultrasonic detection to track the speed of the host, and the whole process is controlled by frequency conversion.

PU sandwich panel production line

6) Center adjustment device: take the center line as the criterion, 75mm on the left and right, plus a ruler and a stop. The center line of the coil is based on the center of the entire production line. There are obvious signs of ruler display. The adjustment of the coil center of the uncoiler is realized by the hydraulic cylinder, which is convenient to adjust and easy to operate;

7) The pressing mechanism is to swing the pressing arm through the cylinder. When the cylinder rises, the pressing arm is released; when the cylinder is lowered, the pressing arm is pressed. When the coil is automatically uncoiled, the pressing arm must press the steel coil.

8) Lifting trolley: The lifting trolley is realized by the oil motor to move the trolley along the guide rail. The lifting mechanism is a lifting platform used by a hydraulic cylinder through a connecting rod to complete the loading and unloading actions. The lifting platform and the walking platform adopt the mixed welding structure of rectangular tube and steel plate, and the appearance is beautiful.

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