What are the design and manufacturing characteristics of the Cold Roll Forming Machine

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Although the understanding of the cold bending machine has some, but not a lot, only a comprehensive summary of the cold bending machine is not enough. Therefore, we must continue to understand it, and we cannot stand still or we will fall behind. Based on the above reasons, we will continue to explain the knowledge content of cold bending forming machine to achieve this goal.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

The roll is an important part of cold bending forming machine

  1. Each pass should bear the average force so as to be able to wear evenly, thus prolonging the service life of the roller.
  2. The common roller is made of c12mov material, because this material has good wear resistance, but pay attention to hardness and strength, so it must be properly treated.
  3. The upper and lower rollers or horizontal wheels should be protected by effective tube bundles, otherwise problems may occur in the process of use. For example, the slide rail will have blurred or distorted tracks and will also be subjected to uneven stresses, which will shorten its service life.
  4. In the rolling process of cold bending forming machine, rolling stability must be considered. If the material deflects left and right in the raceway, we must take corresponding measures. For example, during assembly, the gap between the rollers can be kept the same. And before the material bites in, the guide slope can be set to avoid this problem.
  5. In the production process, if there is bending and twisting, the main reason is the force imbalance, so the force must be balanced in the design, so as to accurately process.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

The development of cold bending machine technology also aims at the shortage of current cold bending industry. In the future, the main research directions of cold forming machine are to improve design and product standards, improve material properties, improve equipment and tools, and research machines. Material deformation, shaft position and deflection. In the future, with the development of the industry, the needs of users become more and more diversified, and the era of producing a single product with a set of equipment will never pass. In response to this situation, the flexible design of cold forming machine is becoming more and more important.

Cold bending machine originated from 1950s to 1960s. At that time, it was mainly used in agricultural machinery. By the 1980s, this was the climax of development. Manufacturers have expanded to East China, North China and Northeast China. The steel produced by cold bending forming machine belongs to economic steel and high efficiency steel, which can save cost. It has become an irresistible trend that cold-formed section steel is widely used instead of hot-rolled sections and other varieties. Cold bending machine factories are also distributed all over the country. The prospects are very broad. Active innovation and quality assurance are the foundation of the market. We learn from the equipment development and strive to be excellent, which is absolutely the first choice for you to choose cold bending equipment.

The rapid development of cold-formed steel machine industry intensifies the competition among enterprises to a certain extent. The direct consequence of competition is to promote the development of the industry, followed by speeding up the withdrawal of backward enterprises and restructuring of industry resources. It provides convenient conditions. Years of development and competition have made many companies with equal strength realize that competition is worse than competition, and information exchange is worse than strengthening communication and sharing. Domestic companies must unite to compete on the world stage. Everyone’s common competitors are foreign counterparts.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

There are still many problems in the development of cold-formed steel industry in China, such as the system problems have not been solved, the market competition is intensified, the cooperation is reduced, the market development is reduced, the technical equipment is insufficient and the equipment is not suitable. All these restrict the healthy development of cold-formed steel industry in China.

The cold forming steel machine is used to make disposable quick tableware and pack the waste products technologically. For example: disposable fast tableware needs waterproof, oil proof, lubricating appearance, and clean inside and outside to meet the stiffness requirements and meet the health standards. Packaging waste is usually large and bulky, which requires bearing capacity, buffering capacity and strict positioning. Manufacturing packaging occasionally requires too small size, shape and precision. Therefore, the packaging of cold bending molding machine manufacturing industry rarely needs to be finalized. After coming out of the molding machine, it is dried and molded once through the dryer.

There are more than 800 types of cold-formed steel. Under the favorable means of reform and opening up, the national economy puts forward new requirements for the variety and quality of steel. The benefits of cold-formed steel are gradually recognized and accepted by everyone, and the production of cold-formed steel has been greatly expanded. Up to now, more than 100 sets of cold bending units have been set, and the annual production capacity is 1 set. 5 million tons, with more than 1000 specifications.

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