The pu sandwich panel line is composed of fully automated production equipment

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The pu sandwich panel line is composed of fully automated production equipment, which can be continuously produced with high production efficiency and stable performance. The products produced are also very standard. This production line is relatively good at present, and its technology and process are close to the international level. Compared with the imported production line, the domestic one has many advantages, such as low price, multiple functions, high cost performance, convenient after-sales service, etc., so it is very popular with customers. Next, we will mainly introduce the equipment composition of the pu sandwich panel line.

pu sandwich panel line

Uncoiling, uncoiling line refers to the conveying of plates, which is generally composed of multiple uncoilers, roller tables, shears and other equipment. Through this complete set of equipment, the required plates can be obtained; Sheet forming, which is composed of forming equipment and replacement machine equipment, can be set according to needs, and can produce the required sheet shape to meet the needs of different customers; For foaming, polyurethane materials need to pass through the high-pressure foaming machine equipment, then pass through the pouring machine, and then enter the laminator equipment to form a foam shape. In fact, the foaming unit also has a weighing equipment and automatic feeding equipment, which can ensure the mixing ratio and even mixing. It is equipped with a temperature control system, which has a very reliable foaming process, and the foaming is very solid. Cutting, there is a sawing equipment in the pu sandwich panel line, which can cut and mill edges according to the set size. The production efficiency is very high, which can ensure that the product is undamaged.

pu sandwich panel line

In addition, there is also a set of automatic control system. This system is an imported control system with a humanized operation surface. It can not only operate, but also monitor data, which can well ensure the stable operation of the production line. The pu sandwich panel line has advanced technology, reliable operation, fully automated production, and is at the international leading level. China is a large economic country with developed industry. Now the factory is no longer the concrete structure before. Now the walls are made of polyurethane sandwich board insulation board, which has many features, such as heat preservation, moisture preservation, fire prevention, solid structure, and so on. It is widely used. In the past, polystyrene was commonly used, but its fire resistance was poor, so polyurethane sandwich panels were gradually used.

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