The main system composition of the soft surface layer pu insulation board production line

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The supporting composition of the polyurethane insulation board production line

If users want to improve the efficiency of the production line, it is also very important to understand the supporting composition of the production line. The polyurethane insulation board production line is mainly composed of soft surface layer uncoiling system, high-pressure foaming system, double-track system, double-track heating system, cutting system, electric control system and other equipment. The composition of these systems and equipment can help the system improve the overall Operational efficiency.

pu insulation board production line

Introduction to the main engine supporting the production line

  1. The soft surface layer uncoiling system of the production line is installed on the platform, which can automatically position and control the soft surface layer material when it enters. This feeding system is pneumatically loaded, which can temporarily store roll paper in rolls, and can provide a certain degree of swelling force to the soft paper pulled by the double belt to improve the production efficiency of the system.
  2. The high-pressure foaming machine mainly includes the following parts: low-pressure feeding device, isocyanate pipeline, polyol pipeline, pneumatic control loop, polyol mixture pipeline, high-pressure mixing head, etc., which can send foam and provide effective hair The bubble quality improves the curing efficiency of the product.
  3. Double track system,The function of the upper and lower crawlers of the production line is mainly to overcome the foaming pressure generated by polyurethane foaming, thereby accelerating its curing and forming, which can determine the thickness of the insulation board and the speed of the production line. The use of this system can also avoid plate deformities and scratches, and improve the quality of thermal insulation plates.
  4. Double track temperature control system,The dual-track temperature control system adopts hot air circulation heating, which is sent into the heating duct by the fan, and can be used to heat the upper and lower track panels moving at a constant speed, so that the polyurethane foam can be foamed and cured more stably, and the foam can be bonded to the surface of the board. Stronger, so that the quality of the foam is more high-quality.
  5. Cutting system and control system,The main function of the cutting system of the production line is to automatically and continuously cut the finished plates according to the required plate length parameters under the premise that the production line does not stop. The control system of the production line is the information heart of the production line, which can ensure that the production line can run synchronously with other units, which is convenient for operation.

pu insulation board production line

Fourth, the process

Manual loading-correction control system to adjust the soft surface layer benchmark-tension control system to adjust the brake resistance-passive discharge

Two-component foaming system (imported)

  1. Composition,The foaming system is imported from SAIP, Italy, and is mainly composed of a mixing head device and a two-component high-pressure foaming machine.
  2. Function,The function of the foaming system is mainly to provide a cycle for various raw material components (isocyanate, polyol, etc.), to detect the temperature and flow rate of each component, and to compensate for the temperature and flow rate as required; to make each component proportional to the requirement Mix and spray evenly between the upper and lower formed steel plates.

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