Precautions for installation of pu sandwich panel

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-07-31/Keywords: pu sandwich panel

For the installation of polyurethane sandwich panel, the installation site shall be cleaned and leveled first, and the ground or cement foundation shall be laid, or other regularization shall be carried out.

When installing polyurethane sandwich panels, try to avoid windy weather. The weight of polyurethane sandwich panels is quite light. It is very difficult to carry out construction in windy weather and can hardly be completed. Rainy and snowy weather is not suitable for the installation of polyurethane sandwich panels.

pu sandwich panel

Construction preparation shall be carried out with sufficient construction personnel, and polyurethane sandwich panels and other accessories shall be sufficient in the preliminary preparation.

Assemble the frame structure and install the wall frame main beam. The installation of wall frame main beam is a very important step, which should be completed carefully.

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