How to operate and maintain the cold roll forming machine

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In order to better ensure the safety factor of cold roll forming machine, in the case of feeding, full-time personnel must cooperate with the forklift driver to expand, so that the steel coil material and the expansion and contraction wire rope reel shaft are in the middle to maintain the difference, and then the forklift driver gradually Roll the material onto the car. The operator needs to raise or lower, and adjust the steel coil material to the middle of the expansion and contraction wire rope reel shaft. At this time, adjust the movable belt seat bearing on the top of the uncoiler to maintain it at the same level as the uncoiler.

cold roll forming machine

Adjust and tighten the nut to make the four bow-shaped plates and expand the steel coil material to avoid deformation and damage of the steel coil material during work. That's the only way to be sure that nothing goes wrong and that you get there on time. Naturally, in addition to the theoretical operation of the equipment, its maintenance is also particularly important.

The main motor and gasoline pump motor of the cold roll forming machine should be filled or replaced with the bright grease of the front and rear, left and right rolling bearings once every six months according to the maintenance rules of the motor. Calcium-based brightening grease spreads and shines. It should be checked and upgraded once every six months, and should be liquidated and replaced once a year.

cold roll forming machine

The transmission gears and sprockets of the cold-formed steel equipment are also all running in low gears, so it is enough to fill the oil every half month. Drive chains and sprockets should be cleared on time. That is, to remove the oily waste on the top to extend the service life of the application, remove the sprocket cover during cleaning, and after cleaning, refill the bright oil from the beginning, and then install the sprocket cover.

Before starting the cold-formed steel equipment, it is necessary to fill the oil in the reducer of the cycloid reducer to the direction indicated by the oil level gauge. Usually, pay attention to the inquiry, and do not make the fuel tank of the car less oil; the oil in the reducer should be changed once a year.

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