How to choose the right Cold Roll Forming Machine

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-07-23/Keywords: Cold Roll Forming Machine

As a professional equipment for cold bending of steel, cold bending machine improves productivity, makes a lot of wealth for enterprises, and is widely used in industry. So how to buy cold roll equipment with high cost performance? Here is a brief introduction.

It depends on whether the parts of the machine are installed in place, whether they are loose, and whether the parts are corroded. If the parts are loose or corroded, it is better not to buy them, because such products may be returned products used by others, or they may not be useful after being stored for a long time, so you must carefully observe and inquire when you buy them.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

Start the Cold Roll Forming Machine and listen to whether the sound is normal. If you hear the rattle, it means that some parts are inflexible or loose; If you hear the engine's hoarse voice, it means that the engine is not good. In short, a good product and a bad product can be distinguished by their sound.

Select the cold bending machine manufacturer with after-sales product guarantee to purchase the equipment, so as to ensure good after-sales service guarantee for the equipment.

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