How to choose a pu sandwich panel production line?

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Simple knowledge of market selection of pu sandwich panel line

1. Selection panel

Choose the marble panel Zhu that meets the customer's requirements. Specify the type of material and the consistency of color. When choosing a panel, you should ensure that it is free of scars, warping, trachoma, dents, stains, etc. If the rough panel does not see the effect, spray the surface of the panel with a water gun to determine whether it can be used as a panel.

pu sandwich panel production line

2. Panel composite pre-process

In the case of a panel with a polished surface and a mesh, it should be selected and sent to a hand-held grinder to fade, and dry-grind and level according to the flatness, but not deep grinding; then fold the mesh shovel flat surface glue, such as a shovel If it does not fall off, you should use a walking grinder to grind off the glue on the mesh surface to ensure the smoothness of both sides.

Dedust the dry-grinded panel.

pu sandwich panel production line

3. The pre-combination process of the bottom plate:

For the base plate with luminosity, it should be faded first and then the thickness should be determined. Usually, the thickness of the 20mm base plate should be set to 17mm.

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