Development History Of PU Foaming Machine

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-07-20/Keywords: PU Foaming Machine

Foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries, its original model is the use of high-speed rotary impeller spinning, it is also known as "Whipped machine." Later, with the continuous progress of technology, the technical content of the foaming machine continues to improve, new models continue to emerge, forming a different technical system. China started using the foaming machine as early as the 1950s, but it is not a special foaming model, but the mortar mixer is used. The foaming agent is added directly to the mortar mixer or concrete mixer, where the foaming agent mixes with the mortar or concrete to create the foam. Around the 1970s, a special foaming agent, the high-speed impeller foaming machine, began to appear.

PU Foaming Machine

After continuous technical upgrading and replacement, now has developed into a high-pressure inflatable as the main body of the third-generation model, the basic can meet the needs of foam concrete.

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