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The polyurethane insulation board produced by the pu rockwool sandwich panel machine has good application effect and can be applied to the exterior wall to meet the use demand. However, is the application of polyurethane insulation board good or bad? Here we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the application of external wall insulation board.

pu rockwool sandwich panel machine

Development of modern architecture

With the rapid development of the construction industry, people have higher and higher requirements for buildings, especially for walls. Using polyurethane insulation board as exterior wall material has the following advantages:

  1. Low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance;
  2. It has good bonding performance with masonry and other structures;
  3. The overall performance is good, and the closed cell rate can reach 95%;
  4. It has high tensile and tear resistance;
  5. Convenient construction and high efficiency;Good aging resistance, flame retardancy, durability and chemical stability.

pu rockwool sandwich panel machine

At present, the external wall thermal insulation system used in the building is mainly the external wall thermal insulation system. The process used is generally hanging and pasting polystyrene board and extruded board. This process can improve the energy conservation of the building, but the material itself has many defects, as follows:

  1. The thermal conductivity of thermal insulation material is high;
  2. Poor integrity, poor moisture-proof and waterproof performance;
  3. The material is easy to aging, not resistant to high temperature and poor durability.

pu rockwool sandwich panel machine

Use polyurethane thermal insulation board made of pu insulation board production line as material, and adopt mature polyurethane foam external wall insulation technology to ensure the quality of its technology. The process has the advantages of good integrity and convenient construction, but it also has disadvantages, which will be affected by temperature, high material waste rate, difficult to control, etc.

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